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Sasuke Test Sasuke Test

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Have we forgotten? (cc) Have we forgotten? (cc)

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I don't hate the Clock Crew, but I review fair

Graphics - It would be a complement to even say there were any graphics at all. It was just tweened words.

Style - Typical spam-trying-to-get-message-across style.

Sound - Unlike most newgrounds spammers, you actually did give credit. I respect that.

Violence - None.

Interactivity - I got to write a review. That's about it.

Humor - I like how you think this will influence anyone. Face it, this will never work.

Overall - You can't just get people to spam the portal with clock crew movies like back in '02. Clock Crew is pretty much dead and there isn't much you can do. If you want spam, you'll get it. On August 15th, 2008. If you don't know what I mean than just leave Newgrounds now because you're no clock I've ever seen.

Naruto - theatre 3 Naruto - theatre 3

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Not enjoyable.

I mean the first scene was just awful. Consisting of almost nothing but tween. Things looked brighter in the second flash. However, through the entire flash I noticed a trend:

Stolen jokes put into flash.

If you can't think of a joke that's one thing, but stealing jokes is an entirely different story. Furthermore, you're stealing Dane Cook jokes. Really? Dane Cook? You sunk that low that you couldn't think of your own jokes you have to pick the bottom-feeders' jokes? Sad.

overall: 0/10 (I don't like Naruto or anime in general. I only watched it to know what to attack in my review. Which turned out to be very little.)

overall: 3/5 (Only because I know you put atleast 2 days of work into this, not including audio of course.)

A Cry For Help 3! A Cry For Help 3!

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turd of the week.

spam wins again.

Heil responds:

hope soo

MGF~Director's Cut MGF~Director's Cut

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I see what you're trying to say.

You're trying to say that dick jokes are on the same level of comedy as a clown in a circus, or in other words, immature.

or not, i dunno i spent too much time looking at that dick.

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Leo hates me pt.2 UPDATED Leo hates me pt.2 UPDATED

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Hate message.

Can you stop pretending to act like a girl?

zombiecatfire13 responds:


-A Cry for Help 2- -A Cry for Help 2-

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You think spam submittions have only been abusing the award system for the past three months? Get real! They've been doing this before I even joined NG!

this will not stop spam submittions, you'll just end up getting more awards you don't deserve from people taking you seriously.

You may have achieved underdog, but you will never get turd of the week.

Mass voters will never allow this to happen.

We are strong in numbers.

What we lack in quality, we make up in for quantity.

This isn't the end, not by a long shot.

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Lil Spartan's Intro Lil Spartan's Intro

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24 Frames per second

just change the speed to 24 fps and this will pass.

It is Broken It is Broken

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Oh hi dude, remember me? Yeah you just gave my flash a crappy review and said my brother WASN'T DEAD!

That's real sensitive coming from someone who listens to emo music.

Get fucked.

penguinboi responds:

hope ur bro is burnin in hell prick w/ the rest of ur family fag...fuck off

Metal Gear Funnies Metal Gear Funnies

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fuck all you reviewers.

Most of you faggots don't even own flash, so just shut the fuck up and go back to fapping to your dickgirl MGS hentai.

As for the flash, you guys did swell. I hope you go after Link next due to his all around faggotry.


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